Category: Študijske in zaposlitvene priložnosti

The 1st ENQA Young Scholar Award for excellent scholarship in European queer anthropology

University Training and Certificate in International Refugee Law and Rights, Sarajevo, 13-23 of August, 2017

Javni razpis za kandidate za mlade raziskovalce (m/ž) v letu 2017

MA in Linguistic Anthropology, NUI Maynooth, Ireland

The MA in Linguistic Anthropology is an advanced degree in Socio-cultural Anthropology with a particular emphasis on Linguistic Anthropology in which students are given a sophisticated introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline of Anthropology, a block of modules that open up and explore the conceptual and methodological core of the discipline, and a series of specialized modules in Linguistic Anthropology. Students are also required to write a thesis in Linguistic Anthropology. The MA in Linguistic Anthropology is primarily a scholarly degree that aims to equip students for later doctoral research in this sub-field or for work in roles that demand academic social-scientific knowledge or the particular skills of trained ethnographic researchers.

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